Open 25 mile Time Trial

16th April 2017

The Wolsey RC organises a 25 mile TT on the Redenhall/Bungay bypass.  This is an Open event which means it is registered with Cycling Time Trials (the National body for time trials) and so entering the event has to be done 2 weeks before the event.  You can enter in one of 2 ways:

– internet entry through the CTT website (you will need to create an account to login).  Internet entry closes at 6pm on Tuesday 4th April.  (Women and Juniors enter for free but the only way to enter by internet is to  pay on the internet system and you will get refunded the entry fee at the event).


– filling the CTT entry form, signing it and sending it to the organiser together with a cheque so it reaches the organiser by Tuesday 4th April.  For the organiser details click here

The Wolsey RC has a strong history of encouraging women to ride time-trials.  Our Open 25 mile TT has the Pat Pepper Memorial Cup awarded to the winner of the Ladies event each year and women and children have been able to enter the time trial for free for a number of years now.

Deadlines for Open time-trials  vary depending on the day of the week the time trial is held.  The deadline is the Tuesday 10-13 days before a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday event.  For a timetrial held on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday then the closing date is 6pm on the Saturday 11-13 days prior to the event.